In order to deliver a professional sounding result every bando r artist needs a professional to help you to get the sound which is in your head. Thiago has vast knowledge which include harmony, theory, arrangement, composition, mixing, recording, editing and mastering, besides broad experience in all sorts of musical genres. He has produced several bands such as Warrel Dane, Seventh Seal, Final Disaster, Insane Driver, Colônia Cratera, Megaira, Aetherea, among others and performs several tasks within the realms of musical production:


Band guidance from the early stages. The artist´s performance or band is shaped, the repertoire picked, the performances are revised, and some adjustments in the composition are suggested  in a way that the recording process should occur in the most smooth and objective way possible.

Drummers: it is necessary the study of compositions with a metronome or click track.


In many situations the artist can request an arrangement from scratch. The style and genre are chosen alongside with the producer and can turn a stripped down acoustic song with vocal into a grandiose orchestral track, an electronic pop, an indie song or anything your imagination allows. Here´s some arrangements categories:


For pop, electronic and experimental artists it is Always a great creative impulse to be able to work over loops, electronic sounds and effects.


With the current technological resources it is possible to achieve the realistic sound of na orchestral performance with VST plug-ins as in major movie soundtracks. And best of all: it can bem incorporated into your music. All of this alongside an broad musical experience coupled with a solid academic background.

Arranjos orquestrais


With the digital editing and background in movie soundtrack, it is possible to achieve creative results in an unexpected way. In genre the rulebook is out of the window and anything can become music.


It is time to record your music and you can never be too carefull! Each take is overseen with meticulous care so you can achieve the best performance. It is an essential stage so you can capture lightning  in a bottle.



In case your band is missing members, or someone can´t play what´s been written, Thiago himself can provide bass, acoustic, banjo and guitar tracks. It´s 20 years of professional experience with artists such as Warrel Dane, Ricardo Confessori, Claudia Raia among many others in service to your music.


Many artists have limited budget, limited time, limited resources and under these circumstances the first thing to be sacrificed is a quality acoustic drum recording. Happily Thiago has the resources for programing electronic drum tracks with VST plugins for a realistic and personalized result. Nowadays many renowned artists have utilized this asset and end result is equivalente to a real recording.


The recorded performances are either polished to perfection or to achieve maximum spontaneity depending on the artist´s style. This is the moment, for instance, you can take a drummer´s performance and put it perfectly in the grid, or let it loose, in the manner that you have the option of eliminating the imperfections on an instrument recording, correct tuning of a sing and so on. Overall, everything is possible and the sky is the limit.


Through mixing, the recording gains life and sounds are processed, balanced and shaped so you can achieve a professional, radio ready sound in a way that the sound in your head becomes reality. Everything with care of researching all sounds and references for your project.


Have you Always wondered why the sound of some bands got to youin na absurd gut wrenching volume and yours didn´t? The answer is mastering. In this stage the mix is polished and compressed so it can reach listeners with a final product volume. Always with the biggest volume, pressure and biggest care with the final quality.

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