What can I say about the tittle track? Oh my God! The most perfect, aggressive, sensational in the whole album, reminiscent of Meshuggah in parts with the guitar work. (…) Simply astonishing icks, riffs and solos (…) Thiago Oliveira was as perfect as a ‘Jack and Coke’!


Some of the guitar work and songwriting on display, at times, even rivals Nevermore at the height of their powers


“(…) the intricate guitar work on ‘Disconnection System’ would make for a challenging level on Guitar Hero.”


Next we have the title track, Shadow Work (…) this track features some very intricate lead work throughout, that is sure to capture the listeners attention.


Shadow Work is all-out technical prog metal with an array of intricate guitar work and extreme tempos that stand on equal footing with Dane’s sweeping range. (…). Chemistry and technical prowess are matched as the guitars jump between crunchy rhythms and intricate leads (…)


“Mother Is The Word For God,” and it still shatters my neural receptors whenever I hear it. Coming in at nearly ten minutes of playing time, this is the kind of immense complexity that I’ve known and loved for decades. At times it is loaded to the brim with chugs, but erupts into absolute mayhem in the form of incredible guitar acrobatics.”


(…) he finale is “Mother Is the Word for God,” which in almost ten minutes shows all the facets of the musician (…), from lofty pathos, soft tones to massive guitar overkill.




Broad styled and versatile Musician, Thiago Oliveira is capable of going from the loudest soaring metal to a Bach Partita with ease and has played with the most varied acts, such as former Nevermore vocalist Warrel Dane, former Angra drummer Ricardo Confessori and Brazilian TV Stars Claudia Raia and Daniel Boaventura on the Brazilian Adaptations of Broadway Musicals “Evita” and “Cabaret” among many others such as female guitar star Isa Nielsen and bands such as Seventh Seal.

. In 2006 Thiago graduated with the maximum score at the University of Uberlandia (BR), he took a Master’s Degree in Musicology at the prestigious University of Sao Paulo under the guidance of concert artist Edelton Gloeden.

In 2001 he recorded a guest solo guitar spot on Tuatha De Danann´s album Tingalaratingadum, which received an international release and it is hailed as a classic nowadays.

In 2014 the same year Thiago became the guitar Player for former Nevermore frontman Warrel Dane,  in tours in South America and Europe from 2014 and 2017, including the celebration of the classic album Dead Heart in a Dead World which completed 15 years in 2015.

In 2016 he joins former Angra and Shaman drummer Ricardo Confessori in his new project Confessori, on which he played several classics from his former bands and which had several former members as guests such as Edu Falaschi, Bruno Sutter, Rafael Bittencourt e Luís Mariutti. In 2017 happens a commemorative tour of the 15th anniversary of Shaman´s album Ritual on which the record is played in its  entirety.

In 2017 tragedy struck as singer, and writing partner Warrel Dane passed away from a heart attack while recording his solo second album, his first in ten years. The album was finished using Dane´s pre-production vocal tracks and consisted of his collaborations with the singer. After the album’s release by Century Media in 2018, it made it into the European charts, had high appraisal from fans and the music community alike, getting astounding reviews from the specialized media.

In 2018, still recovering from the tragedy from the previous year, Thiago joined female guitar star Isa Nielsen on her debut solo tour on the Samsung Best of Blues Festival. The shows took place at two big outdoor events in Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre to an estimated 30 thousand people each and were headlined by guitarists Tom Morello and John 5.

Currently Thiago lives in Sao Paulo where he teaches the instrument, works as a hired musician and musical producer.

Thiago uses Solar Guitars, La Bella Strings, Positive Grid Bias FX, Rafive Picks and Edifier Audio.  


Shadow Work

Selected Works

Warrel Dane – Shadow Work (2018)

Seventh Seal – Mechanical Souls (2013)





Phone: (55) (11) 97991 2366


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Instagram: @thiagooliveiragtr

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