Guitar Lessons

Thiago Oliveira currently accepts students of all levels and backgrounds in both theory and instrumental lessons in both Skype and one on one lessons. He has 20 years teching experiente in the fields of rock, metal, jazz, blues acoustic and classical guitar. He also is a classical guitar graduate and has a Master´s Degree in musicology.

Electric Guitar Teaching Method 

All lesson contente is absorbed through a theoretical handbook developed by Thiago himself and it includes charts, exercises for theory and improvisation, a compilation of technical exercises that were proven effective throughout the years with students and were based on some main references such as John Petrucci, Guthrie Govan, Gambale, Paul Gilbert, etc, alongside exercises created by author himself, always trying to follow the student´s goal and advising in way sure way to accomplish them, and always keep in mind that music is a whole wide world and we neer cease to learn.

Classical Guitar Teaching Method

For classical guitar lessons it is utilized a series of methods, exercises and a set of pieces in order to reach for a good performance in the instrument, according to the student´s goal. Exemples of technical exercises include Tárrega, Opus 1 (Giuliani), Pumping Nylon (Scott Tenant),  Abel Carlevaro, etc. As for repertoire it includes pieces by Giuliani, Sor, Aguado, Carcassi, Aguado, Carulli, Leo Brouwer´s Estudios Sencillos, etc. All of this is aimed at the student´s level of musical Reading and the previous contact with this previous approach.

Place For Lessons

Thiago´s students have their lessons in downtown São Paulo, at Rua Bela Cintra 103, close to Higienopolis Mackenzie Subway Station and also in the student´s home or otherwise appointed place. International and students or students living outside of Sao Paulo take Skype Lessons.


For regular lessons in Brazil the price is 320,00 BRL as monthly fee, charged in the beggining of each month. The first trial lesson is placed for the student to meet Thiago and his teaching method and a full lesson price is charged (80,00 BRL). In this first encounter some insights into the student´s playing is given and also several technical exercises for the technical advancement. There are no strings attached to this lesson. For in house lessons it is charged 100,00 BRL for each lesson, and for Skype lessons in Brazil, 50,00 BRL. For international students prices are 30 USD (half an hour lesson) 40 USD (45 minutes) and 50,00 (one hour).

Ammount and duration of lessons

The lessons are weekly at an appointed time. The duration of each regular lessons is approximately one hour. This is considered to be ideal for a good development and absorption of contents. There are also options for lessons each two weeks and monthly lessons. However these are not advised for begginers.
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